New year, new look and new sound as Justice Crew get ready to set 2017 alight!


Since stealing the spotlight way back in 2010, Justice Crew have never looked back. When we first met the crew they were a brash bunch of B-Boys making waves on Australia’s Got Talent. In the years that followed they transformed into Australia’s most exciting pop group, racking up number one singles, touring the country and writing with some of the hottest names in music. Now Justice Crew are ready to switch it up again with their biggest change yet.

“We are now officially an awesome foursome,” laughs Justice Crew’s John Pearce.

“I feel like we’ve finally got the right mix, we’re excited about the future and we’re working hard,”

Your new Justice Crew is John, Samson, Lukas and Paulie – the talented DJ Solo is making production a priority in 2017, stepping away from up-front to producing tracks under his name I.amsolo.

“With Solo on the decks anything is possible,” explains Lukas ‘Wildrok’ Belleseni.

“He’s got real skills and the good thing is the show remains the same but the dynamic is hotter than ever. We’ve been through so much in the past seven years and now Justice Crew are on track to take on the world.”

Any good band knows that world domination requires a hot new single – enter “Pop Dat Buckle,” a party track that is guaranteed to get you moving.

“When you think of Justice Crew, you think of dancing, so when we went into the studio, we knew what we were after,” John says of JC’s latest offering.

“It’s got a little bit of hip hop, a little bit of reggaeton and a whole lot of fun – I think people will connect to it because everyone likes to dance!”

“Pop Dat Buckle” is Justice Crew at their finest – fun, flirty and just a bit cheeky – a dance floor filler that hits you in all the right spots.

“We’re maturing as performing artists and our audience has grown with us, so it’s a little bit older, but we love our young fans too, which is why it’s a good mix,” Lukas adds.

“Pop Dat Buckle has a little something for everyone!”

Justice Crew have sold in excess of 1.8 million units in Australia and are no strangers to topping the charts. In 2012 they released their #1 ARIA single “Boom Boom” and backed it up with two more ARIA Top 10 hits in “Everybody” and “Best Night.” In 2014 they did it all over again with the anthemic “Que Sera,” taking top spot for a record nine weeks on the ARIA singles chart.

Now it’s time for “Pop Dat Buckle” to remind everyone that no one quite knows how to party like Justice Crew.

After road-testing the song on their 2017 national “Pop Dat Buckle Tour,” it’s clear the fans are feeling the new direction.

“We felt we were all on the same page with this song and the response has been amazing, people are going to love it,” declares John.

“We’ve been rocking out at regional shows on this tour and “Pop Dat Buckle” has been popping off,” laughs Lukas.

“It’s really been vibing with old and new fans, which is exactly what we wanted.”

Starting the year with a bang has seen Justice Crew hit the ground running and with the pace they’ve set, 2017 promises some big milestones.

“We’ve recorded a couple more songs so who knows what’s next,” teases John. “We’re really looking to focus on our fans, touring the country as a foursome with Solo on the decks and reintroducing Justice Crew to Australia.”

They’ve got the moves, they’ve got the music and they’ve more drive than ever before.

Australia meet the brand new Justice Crew!